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      Welcome to Jingjiang Jingli refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd.

      Professional technology, standardized management, practical attitude and
      high-quality service.

      Leader of refrigeration motor technology.

      3 R & D strengthsCreate the pioneer of refrigeration motor technology

      30 years of accumulation, forge ahead, Jingli motor products are exported to home and abroad

      • Strong R & D team

        From product design to product manufacturing and quality control, we have a team of the first generation compressor manufacturing engineers and technicians in China.

      • Sound production system

        Core technical personnel have received professional training in compressor manufacturing abroad, with strict control over quality and production process, laying a solid foundation for product manufacturing and meeting customer requirements.

      • Customized according to user requirements

        Now we have developed a variety of series of products, the quality of which can be comparable with similar products at home and abroad. The tenet of our win-win cooperation is honest business philosophy and high cost performance.

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      • Core technology

        Master the core technology of product production

      • Tailored

        Thousands of customers witness

      • Trusted brand

        Jingli motor insists on innovation for many years

      • Service guarantee

        One stop service for you


      24 hours + service, improve pre-sale, in sale and after-sale
      • Free installation guide
      • Site assistance commissioning
      • Assist in supporting R & D
      • Preventive maintenance
      Dedicated to provide you with more suitable types of motors
      Pilot pioneer, comprehensive products
      Direct supply from manufacturer, more favorable price for you
      More benefit to customers!
      Integrated service provider of fine vertical motor refrigeration motor

      Our factory is a professional manufacturer of various types of shaded pole asynchronous motor and permanent magnet DC micro motor products.

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